Alexandro Camacho
Alexandro Camacho 13 timmar sedan
That’s a sleek ass water bottle, does anyone know what brand it is? I know it says hydrate on it but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on google
Ruben FN
Ruben FN 13 timmar sedan
The comments pewdiepie gets r so good mine r just : HI PEE PEE POOO POOOO
KR1STR 13 timmar sedan
sucks to be the kids lol
Gabriel López
Gabriel López 13 timmar sedan
This video should be called gym Karen compilation
Abhay Bhati
Abhay Bhati 13 timmar sedan
I need likes
hyped hedgehog
hyped hedgehog 13 timmar sedan
Why the hell didn't they just make on person win then split it between people who was willing to split it
Rūdolfs Pakalns
Rūdolfs Pakalns 13 timmar sedan
that stain on his hoodie looks like paw
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming 13 timmar sedan
Can we just take a moment to see that Felix gave some solid life advice here... And the way how SSR and Pewd's views on life match so much...
Skating progress
Skating progress 13 timmar sedan
Im at the gym while watching this vid
Brandon Rice
Brandon Rice 13 timmar sedan
I don't know if it's just me but the PF I go too I don't see these types of people. Like half of the people are actually kind of jacked and the other half are like average-looking people.
thatlowrankedguy 13 timmar sedan
If I was with these Highschoolers I would be facepalming the whole time. And when ever someone says that they are going to get voted off, I would be like ok and vote for them
Dragy dragon
Dragy dragon 13 timmar sedan
mats852 13 timmar sedan
Fuck gyms that are not built on a concrete slab
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 13 timmar sedan
this just a good song
IZzy 13 timmar sedan
Planet fitness: you're not allowed to make loud noises! Planet fitness when someone makes a loud noise: Sound the extremely loud alarm!
MTGweeb 420
MTGweeb 420 13 timmar sedan
I agree quit dead lifting weights u clearly cant set the fuck back down.
steven mcilwain
steven mcilwain 13 timmar sedan
I just went to planet fitness today lol
Vanessa 9
Vanessa 9 13 timmar sedan
In Canada we have a nursery rhyme about black birds being baked in a pie
Kangoo whatever
Kangoo whatever 13 timmar sedan
Deadliftinh in particular is more harmful if u let it down slowly to make no noise
Gabriel is a fool
Gabriel is a fool 13 timmar sedan
top 10 anime plot twists
twinboom 13 timmar sedan
Ed is 5ft 8....laying down
Mr X
Mr X 13 timmar sedan
PewDiePie has done everything,he has nether rite armour,and the biggest house ever and still has not beat the ender dragon
Charly Omega
Charly Omega 13 timmar sedan
By calling someone a Lunk for doing those things, the gym itself has become a Lunk
Alex Petley
Alex Petley 13 timmar sedan
Planet fitness “we don’t judge people here” Also planet fitness “gross that guy is wearing a tank top, lifting weights and drinking out of a gallon bottle”
Luke Burny
Luke Burny 13 timmar sedan
Why do women complain
井垣景貴 Igaki Keiki
井垣景貴 Igaki Keiki 13 timmar sedan
The centre text meme got me thinking for months lmao
grizzlybear 13 timmar sedan
At this point i just watch pewds as his friend to laugh together😂
San Y
San Y 13 timmar sedan
Damn link alarm crazy, I hope they know about earphones
Hunter Morrill
Hunter Morrill 13 timmar sedan
8:54 he’s just making his brain pump the iron in between reps 😤 mans is living in 2121
C\885\10 Fady elsoury
C\885\10 Fady elsoury 13 timmar sedan
Who want pewdies to workout in this gym
BiffaSlick 13 timmar sedan
Can I wear a camelback and workout still?
3351gsteve 13 timmar sedan
It took too long to get a pizza day showcase
M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢
M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢ 13 timmar sedan
Bro, you _gotta_ watch the Steven Crowder vid about Planet Fitness. 😂🤣 Or should I say... _...Stephanie_ Crowder...? 😏
Masrur Saif
Masrur Saif 13 timmar sedan
why doesnt pewds make a comment about coco being taken down?
Shezad Mistry
Shezad Mistry 13 timmar sedan
6:38 They were literally screaming louder when they heard the lunk alarm.💁🏾
Grant Knu
Grant Knu 13 timmar sedan
Let's be honest, plaent fitness is the Walmart of gyms
Meg F
Meg F 13 timmar sedan
Can't wait for episode 2!
Tim Lockwood
Tim Lockwood 13 timmar sedan
Damn someone asked me why everyone wears a chin diaper
AKA Flix
AKA Flix 13 timmar sedan
It’s sounds like the alarm when the bucket is about to spill at a water park
Just some guy can draw in 20Secs
Just some guy can draw in 20Secs 13 timmar sedan
Moral Lesson: Never watch an Title have a "Boku"
LOL man don't ask
LOL man don't ask 13 timmar sedan
Seeing the thumbnail was the most painful thing I could ever imagine
Jellybean CustardCake
Jellybean CustardCake 13 timmar sedan
It's a fail on the gyms side because they aren't helping the customers using the equipment properly. They should be stepping in and helping. And obvious signs as to how to use the equipment.
crazy lavend
crazy lavend 13 timmar sedan
People who complain at noise in the gym clearly dont belong in a gym
Harsh N
Harsh N 13 timmar sedan
8:15, 8:21 just pause and look at his face expressions 😂
Jenni H
Jenni H 13 timmar sedan
I kinda agree with the lady "calling the cops" different locations have different rules and its all based on how crowded and how much space out it is. Also if you have a problem with the rules take it up to the owner of the establishment their the ones putting up this rules based on previous accidents. Don't yell and record an employee their less likely to help you since you made it clear you don't care about their well being. Also she most likely not calling the cops she was most likely calling the manager and or owner of the establishment to come help her out. Is it a dumb rule to not allow certain sizes; yes. But is it something to get worked up about and not try to compromise with? All I'm saying with this lady felt threatened just for following the rules she was told to follow and was insulted and made fun of all over the internet. Do we have the full story no but from what i saw she was shaken that someone was yelling at her because shes doing her job. For whoever read this sorry for the long rant had a similar situation at my work place recently so if that didn't happen to me I would have thought something else.
Luis Martínez
Luis Martínez 13 timmar sedan
lonely Gorilla
lonely Gorilla 13 timmar sedan
Commenting for the algorithm
Lemonade Toaster
Lemonade Toaster 13 timmar sedan
6:51 ok you should have censored that word felix my man
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree 13 timmar sedan
make a gallon water bottle with a bottom that fits in the cup holder
sap 13 timmar sedan
this video is why i workout at home
Pookiepantsmcpoo 13 timmar sedan
Used to work at Planet Fitness. The lunk alarm is a light switch behind the desk that they can flip whenever. They do not like jugs of water because they "are a tripping hazard." I worked midnights and let the members do whatever, unless someone complained.
hmm 13 timmar sedan
this has worked before play dont starve /together/shipwrecked/hamlet/reign of gigants
Devin 13 timmar sedan
The guy has pizza that the gym gave him because planet fitness has pizza on the first Monday of every month or something like that
katherine 13 timmar sedan
I will never Get 1k like on This Comment i Repeat Never
Tumelo Bopape
Tumelo Bopape 13 timmar sedan
Best intro ever!
Emblafant 13 timmar sedan
If you don’t wanna hear others work out, get a home gym, like wtf do you expect?
Leafic 13 timmar sedan
@pewdiepie its not big water bottles its talking about folks that use gallon milk jugs as water bottles
katherine 13 timmar sedan
I will never Get 1k like on This Comment i Repeat Never
The Kuudere Dude
The Kuudere Dude 13 timmar sedan
I was watching the first gym fails one and got extremely confused when this got uploaded
Mad Bro Sheo
Mad Bro Sheo 13 timmar sedan
14:34 He do be vibing tho.
Krypnix 13 timmar sedan
My and my friends went to planet fitness as a whole board and the one dumb ass of my friend group started banging the disc weight against the floor and screaming and set off the LUNK ALARM, and everyone just stared at us
Little Lam
Little Lam 13 timmar sedan
Not problem shaming but I honestly think that girl cried for the advantage. All I heard was "I have to take ubers". That is expensive but 1000 dollars wouldn't last forever. I think they should have given it to someone who was using it to pay for college
FlareSnare 13 timmar sedan
To be fair to some of them, the machines can be used multiple ways to build muscle in different areas.
Virus Link
Virus Link 13 timmar sedan
This was great please do more videos with this dude
John Cena
John Cena 13 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie: Am I a lunk Me: No, you’re a Hunk
ali sabra
ali sabra 13 timmar sedan
1:52 felt like the pornhub intro in the background
Cenkisab 13 timmar sedan
Lmao half the clips he already reacted to HAHA
Pete Grat
Pete Grat 13 timmar sedan
I think the first kid was voted off early cuz all the other people were kinda horrible and realized his reason was best and he was the nicest so they got scared and kicked him off before he could beat them all
Zeke 13 timmar sedan
wtf is ur mic
Ajay's pizza
Ajay's pizza 13 timmar sedan
It's a gym, it WILL be loud, It's not a library smh
Ken Nit
Ken Nit 13 timmar sedan
Good hair today
Gurdev Singh
Gurdev Singh 13 timmar sedan
Bet planet fitness employees are paid extra for every gym fail they find.
Speedey 13 timmar sedan
me sittin here with my second bowl of spaghetti judging gym people
Arise 13 timmar sedan
PewdiePie uses OperaGX! Pretty cool
Paulo César O. Geines
Paulo César O. Geines 13 timmar sedan
I think I can understand why people present stupid behavior with gym equipment. They're ashamed to ask for information. Twice or three times a week I go to a gym near home, and my workout routine includes about 20 or 30 different machines each week. I just can't remember all of them and I don't wanna be the guy who after months asks for how to use this equipment every training.
Lettuce Boy
Lettuce Boy 13 timmar sedan
I used to go to a planet fitness never again
Bobby B
Bobby B 13 timmar sedan
Can someone tell Pewds about Dr Joel Seedman
Luca Grignaffini
Luca Grignaffini 13 timmar sedan
12:30...i didnt know the bullfighting was legal in USA
Hanter 13 timmar sedan
Claim Your "here before 1 million views ticket"
Cameron Hauberg
Cameron Hauberg 13 timmar sedan
man wanted to be alpha male in the gym, he saw competition and had to tell the competition to leave lol